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Willow Creek Project Calculator

Use the Willow Creek Paving Stones Project Calculator to calculate materials and accessories for any size project. The calculator is a user-friendly tool developed specifically for Willow Creek, and you can download the zipped version for FREE.

The Project Calculator runs on the Windows XP, Vista and Win7 (32 and 64bit) operating systems.

To download the application you must agree to the Terms of Use. Click “I accept” and the calculator link will appear. Click the link, select “Save File” and click “OK”. Locate the folder Willow Creek Project Calculator v4.zip on your computer and open it. Then open the zipped file Willow Creek Project Calculator v4.zip. Double click the file setup.exe. When the dialog box appears, click “Run”. This will install and launch the calculator. The program can take several minutes to install. If a Security Alert dialog box appears, click “Install”. The WCPS Project Calculator is a Microsoft .NET Framework application. If you have questions, contact your Willow Creek Paving Stones representative or call the Willow Creek Paving Stones product manager at 651-773-7480.

Please review the Terms of Use before installing the Willow Creek Paving Stones Project Calculator

This estimating software is not a design program, but simply a guide that provides a general estimate of some material quantities, based upon general assumptions of site conditions. While every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy, this information should not be used or relied upon for any application without verification of accuracy, suitability, and applicability for the use contemplated, which is the sole responsibility of the user. Willow Creek Concrete Products makes no representation that the information provided by this estimating software is an adequate or suitable design. Willow Creek Concrete Products disclaims any and all express or implied warranties of merchantability fitness for any general or particular purpose, trademark, or copyright in regard to information or products contained or referred to herein.

Because soils, drainage, emplacement issues and other site specific conditions may vary, such general estimates should not be used or relied upon as being accurate, adequate or suitable to produce a desired result at a specific site. This estimating software does NOT provide a comprehensive list of all materials needed for specific applications.

Willow Creek Concrete Products maintains copyright ownership of this software, but grants the user permission to duplicate the software for use on multiple computers. All other rights reserved by Willow Creek Concrete Products.

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