New for 2018!

Our new Slatestone Grande™ pavers add a contemporary look to your hardscaping projects.

Slatestone Grande paver information sheet (pdf)

Slatestone Grande landscaping pavers

Durable and beautiful, Slatestone Grande pavers are engineered to meet the highest performance standards and aesthetic demands of landscape architects, designers and contractors. Slatestone Grande pavers are 7cm thick and are available in 9 x 18 and 14 x 18 sizes.

Slatestone Grande 9 x 18Slatestone Grande 14 x 18

The large surface area makes it easy to install for professionals and homeowners alike. Create a variety of patterns by combining Slatestone Grande pavers with the original 7cm Slatestone family of paving stones, which comprises three pavers: 5 x 9, 9 x 9 and 9 x 14.

Slatestone Grande pavers are available in these four colors:

Slatestone pavers patina color - field pattern Slatestone pavers bleu color - field pattern


Slatestone pavers patina color - field pattern Slatestone pavers creme color - field pattern
Patina Creme














Willow Creek strongly recommends the use of a protective pad between the compactor plate and paver surface.
IMPORTANT:  Pavers with textured surfaces (high and low points) are more susceptible to scuffing.  Willow Creek is not responsible for compaction scuffs.