Aqua-Loc Allows Expansion

Aqua-Loc allows rivertown business to expand

Willow Creek Aqua-Loc permeable pavers allowed an Afton, Minnesota, business to expand without removing a paved driveway.

The city’s building requirements limited the amount of impermeable surface on individual properties to 20 percent maximum site coverage in the downtown area, which lies in the floodplain of the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway. With the expansion of the business, the building alone took up 20 percent. So any additional paved surfaces on the property would have to be permeable to meet the city’s building code.

The business owner examined his options and discovered Willow Creek Permeable Aqua-Loc pavers. They were attractive, cost-effective and would allow him to meet the city’s 20 percent requirement. After one year of use, the owner says Aqua-Loc performs as advertised.

Permeable pavers manage stormwater for Afton, MN, business

“I’ve gone out there during the most significant rains we’ve had since the driveway was installed. There is not even a hint of water build-up on that entire side of the yard where the driveway was built. It immediately goes into the ground below.” And, he adds, in the winter he discovered an unexpected bonus. “Snow removal is easier. Once the snow is removed, the remaining residue melts more quickly on the Aqua-Loc driveway.”

City officials were equally impressed and have approved Willow Creek Permeable Aqua-Loc as a permeable pavement solution to eliminating stormwater runoff in future building projects.

Jay Riggs, district manager for the Washington Conservation District, oversaw the Afton Aqua-Loc project. He agrees that permeable pavements increasingly will be used to resolve stormwater runoff issues in Afton and elsewhere.

“Residential streets, commercial parking lots, residential driveways — I see them having application in all those areas. It all depends on the sensitivity of the receiving waters of the stormwater,” says Riggs.

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Devine Design Landscaping, Rosemount, MN
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