HD Tavern Patio

 Willow Creek Select Series™ Paver Patio Helps Tavern Thrive During Pandemic 

Daryl Holley, owner of Viking Realty in Holmen, Wis., always wanted to own a tavern. In 2018, he purchased a vacant building that had been a grocery store, repair shop and a small manufacturing plant.

At first, Holley wasn’t sure what to do with the property, but when a liquor license became available, he and business partner Doran Banse decided to turn the property into a tavern.

By early 2020, HD Tavern was thriving, so the pair decided to put in a patio and turf court in the adjoining parking lot. It was an investment that they would not regret.

Ziegler’s Landscape By Design in La Crosse, which showed them a similar project they had created for a nearby bar, began work on the patio before the COVID-19 pandemic required business to modify operations. HD Tavern closed on St. Patrick’s Day 2020, and the project paused for a few weeks before it was determined that landscape contractors were an essential business. Ziegler’s got back to work.

Willow Creek Paving Stones Select Series Eurostone pavers in the Brik color were selected to complement the historic building’s brick exterior.

HD Tavern Patio and Gaming Area

HD Tavern Patio and Gaming AreaHD Tavern Patio and Turf Court

“We had created a similar patio a few years ago at Jimmy’s North Star Bar, and that was exactly what Daryl was looking for,” said Tim Markgren, a landscape architect with Ziegler’s.

The state required taverns to be closed for a time before reopening with limited capacity. “We reopened in May 2020, and everyone just loved the new patio,” said Holley. “We added a tiki bar, stage area and privacy fence near the gaming area too.”

Since optimizing seating was a necessity, Markgren created a low sitting wall using Willow Creek Ledgestone landscaping units, with an area for trees and perennials behind the wall, which creates a pleasant place to watch from the sidelines.

“In designing the patio, we had to consider the need for shade and to orient the court so that sun would not be in players’ eyes. The seat wall for spectators faces west, so we needed some trees for shade there and added landscape lighting for the evening. We also laid out where the planned stage and tiki bar would be in relationship to the patio and court.”

In summer 2020, Holley and Banse purchased an old-fashioned root beer stand next to the tavern. When the stand is open, customers can order food and have it delivered to the patio or inside the bar. Glass is not allowed on the patio, however. “Although the patio pavers are stain-resistant and very easy to maintain, we had the patio sealed for extra protection,” Holley said.

“The only regret we have it that we didn’t make the patio bigger,” said Holley. “The ability to have live music outside draws a lot of people. The patio has been a hit ever since.”

Select Series pavers incorporate Willow Creek Infusion™ technology, which provides vibrant color, enhanced color longevity, heightened durability and additional stain-resistant properties. Select Series permeable pavers have been tested by an independent, certified laboratory to meet or exceed permeability standards (ASTM C1781).

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