Slatestone Grande

Slatestone Grande pavers add a contemporary look to your hardscaping projects.

Durable and beautiful, Willow Creek's Slatestone Grande™ paving stones are engineered to meet the highest performance standards and aesthetic demands of landscape architects, designers and contractors. Slatestone Grande pavers are available in Grande L Rectangle, Grande XL Rectangle.

The large surface area makes it easy to install for professionals and homeowners alike. Create a variety of patterns by combining Slatestone Grande pavers with the original 7cm Slatestone family of paving stones, which comprises three pavers: Small Rectangle, Square and Rectangle.

Slatestone Grande pavers also are available in 6cm thickness and are suitable for patios, walkways, entrance, courtyards and other non-vehicular applications.

Slatestone Grande is included in Willow Creek Paving Stones' Select Series, which incorporates Willow Creek Infusion™ technology that provides vibrant color, enhanced color longevity, heightened durability and additional stain-resistant properties. Slatestone pavers are ideal for both standard and permeable installations.

Combine Slatestone Grande and Slatestone for even more pattern options.

Willow Creek Paving Stones introduces a new texture for Slatestone Grande pavers -- SLATESTONE GRANDE SMOOTH!

With the same ease of installation and natural patterned beauty of traditional Slatestone Grande, new Slatestone Grande Smooth pavers have a clean, contemporary look and finish. Slatestone Smooth and Slatestone Grande Smooth are available in 6cm and 7cm thicknesses and in Ash, Bleu and Shor colors. Click here learn more.

Units & Dimensions

IMPORTANT: Willow Creek strongly recommends the use of a protective pad between the compactor plate and paver surface. Pavers with textured surfaces (high and low points) are more susceptible to scuffing. Willow Creek is not responsible for compaction scuffs.